Spoken Words Artist Harun Abdulkareem #GoldMinds

I sat down with spoken words performer Harun Abdulkareem, for a glimpse into his art. Amongst other philanthropic work, he uses his performance art as a medium to express his passion for the many causes he supports. While pursing an MBA in global business, he is an active member in various religious groups. Spoken words is a performance art that is word based, usually in combination with other forms of art like theatre, dance or music. As such, it surely leads to a controversial reception of his work, since some islamic schools of thought frown upon music in Islam. However, in my opinion, the fusion of performance art and islamic teachings are perhaps the best dynamic duo, that can be used as a tool to reach beyond borders and break boundaries. Which is exactly why I chose to feature Harun on the GoldMinds segment.


“If we are too afraid to question ‘taboos’, especially those that sound peculiar. We may never truly experience life in full” – Aisha B.


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    This is very inspiring especially coming from a Northern brother. Good work

  • Aisha B


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