How To Be A Hero – In A Crisis

It can be frustrating for people to tell you to keep calm in times of crisis. Obviously if you are able to stay calm you would do just that. Some people know how to keep it together in times of crisis while others totally lose it. The ability to stay calm in a crisis is a remarkable trait, surely some have it better than others.

But Here’s a short list of tips that can enable you to remain calm in times of crisis and save the day:

1) Take Precaution: First and foremost, be prepared, as simple as that. It’s as easy as it sounds too. When you are embarking on an adventure, occasion or whatever, calculate the risks and take safety measures. i.e. are you going on a road trip? Then check your engine, spare tyre, etc.


2) Backup Plan: Always have a Contingency Plan (Plan B) in case your first plan does not work. It is wise to have a backup plan, the backup plan can be as simple as calling a friend for help or a professional.


2) Evaluate: Never underestimate the severity of a scenario you find yourself in. Put your best foot foward, give it your all and utilize your full potential.


4) Attempt: Make sure that you execute your plan A completely, before proceeding to plan B. If the first plan doesn’t work it may pave the way for your contingency plan.
5) Emotions Aside: It may sound insensitive pending on the situation, but try to keep your emotions at bay. The phrase “stay calm” implies that you hold back your emotions and appear to be calm. The truth is if you fail to stay calm, your emotions will get in the way of things. There is very little chance that you are able to handle an issue successfully, even with a foolproof plan.


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