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The GoldMindz series is a web-series dedicated to showcasing the great minds of our time.

Young COO Of A Real Estate Empire Saadiya Aliyu
Spoken Words Artist Harun Abdulkareem #GoldMinds
Spoken Words By Harun AbdulKareem
Interview With Captain Khalid of Comedy Cage
After the show with Captain Khalid


I’m a lifestyle blogger and ones a month I sit down to have a captivating conversation with inspiring people. The series showcases ingenious people who are innovating, challenging, and changing global industries.

The #GoldMinds segment presents you with those leading their industry as a force to reckon with. These are the people who keep moving forward whether in a boom or crunch, they never stop pushing the envelope.

Featuring entrepreneurs, designers, activists, professionals; this series is a platform that empowers the mind and feeds the soul with inspirational editorials and compelling articles. At it’s core, DarkPebbles is a sanctuary for the forward thinkers of today and tomorrow. It illuminates the golden minds of this generation as a beacon of hope for the youth to believe in. And in the midst of media noise, filled with terror and unrealistic fantasies of celebrity life, this platform aims to rise above and beyond. To go against the grain, For the people, For tomorrow.

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